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Pearl Ring Pearl Ring In the summer of 1864, while starring in a theatrical engagement at the Boston Museum, John Wilkes Booth became smitten with a 17-year-old beauty named Isabel Sumner. Few details of the brief relationship remain, but we do know that Booth gave Ms. Sumner some photos including one which has the inscription "yours with affection J. Wilkes Booth" written on the back, along with at least 6 letters, and a pearl ring. Miss Sumner may have even traveled to New York to see Booth in August of that year, but it's believed that was the last time they were in contact. After the assassination the following year and the subsequent death of Booth, many individuals that knew Booth destroyed anything that could connect them to the assassin. Ms. Sumner, however, held onto these personal objects her entire life, perhaps unwilling to part with her memories of the summer of 1864.

John Wilkes Booth Pearl Ring Explore Isabel Sumner's
Pearl Ring in 360°
Did You Know? Isabel Sumner Pearl Ring (given to her by John Wilkes Booth). Booth had many girlfriends and acquaintances, but most people burned their letters from him after he murdered the president. Isabel Sumner secretly kept her letters. Her daughter inherited them, and let the world know of their existence in 1930.