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Marble Square Marble Square With the death of Mr. Lincoln, it was decided by Mary that his body, along with the body of his departed son Willie, would be sent back to Springfield so they could be buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery. It was decided that the return trip to Springfield would mimic his journey to Washington, D.C., four years earlier so that as many citizens as possible would be able to catch a last glimpse of their martyred President. Throughout the more than two-week-long journey, the President's casket rested on a pink marble tabletop. After the completion of the trip, the tabletop was cut into pieces for souvenirs but this is the only known remaining fragment of the marble tabletop.

Marble Square and Lincoln's Death Explore the Marble Square
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Did You Know? This piece of pink marble was part of the tabletop that held Lincoln's casket. The train carrying the marble tabletop was supposed to be President Lincoln 's personal train for official travel in his second term, but the only time the train was used for him was to carry his remains back to Springfield.