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Lincoln and the War - Part 2
No period in American history is as studied, debated, or written about as the American Civil War. Lasting roughly four years, the war remains the bloodiest conflict in our nation’s history and has ensured that names like Grant, Lee, and Lincoln will be permanently etched in our collective memory. These artifacts illustrate the common tools of war, and they provide glimpses into the lives and influence of its leaders. During his presidency he witnessed the largest military buildup in world history up to that time — the U.S. Civil War — and he guided the Union through what is still the bloodiest conflict in American history. The artifacts in this group are a mixture of pieces that have either professional or personal ties for Mr. Lincoln to the military.
> Blockade order > Muzzle-Loading Rifle
> Officer's Sword > Surgeon's Kit
> Grant's First Autograph > Sherman CDV
> Confederate POW Jacket > R.E. Lee's Letter