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Effigy Doll Effigy Doll In an effort to demonstrate their anger or distaste for an opponent, people have long created effigy dolls. These usually consist of a crude representation of the person disliked, for purposes of ridicule, burning, or (in the case of voodoo) sticking with pins. This particular effigy, portraying President Lincoln in a frock coat, seems fairly innocuous, but when you lift the paper mask of the President you find a black face beneath it. Lincoln was said by his enemies South and North to be leader of the "black Republicans" – the party that supported rights for blacks. News accounts of 1860 tell of these Lincoln effigies being thrown into bonfires in Georgia, Ohio, and Oregon.

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Did You Know? Burning a political opponent in effigy is a very old tradition. The American colonists burned King George III of England in effigy during the early days of the American Revolution.

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