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Custard Cup Custard Cup In 1861, the Executive Mansion did not have the museumlike atmosphere that it does today. The mansion was in poor shape, as earlier administrations had often brought their own furniture and personal items with them, but when they departed, they often not only took things they had brought with them but also souvenirs left behind from earlier administrations. In 1861, Congress had alotted $25,000 for purchases to make the home more fitting a nation's chief executive. Mrs. Lincoln took charge of these purchases, and one of her first acquisitions was a new china service for the home. This custard cup was part of that original purchase and while many of Mary's early efforts at refurbishing the mansion were applauded by the media, they soon turned against her for what was believed to be "wasteful" spending.

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Did You Know? The French term for this object is a pôt de créme – a "creampot". The dessert could be served hot or cold, depending on the season of the year.

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